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Sibay has held a performing contest of Munajat (a folk poetry form, a poetry–confession, prayer, which are sung by old women, it is a reflection on faith, the meaning and secrets of a human life, the relationship between parents and children, the native land and duty).In order to preserve a rare
On 31 May, 2016 in order to increase the role and value of folk traditions and modern artistic culture, to improve performance mastery of folklore traditions, as well as to revive, preserve, improve and popularize Bashkir folklore, Burzyansky district with help of the culture department head Clara
The school was established in January 2015 at the Khaibullinsky District Culture House.Its head is Minzifa Ishemgulova, a specialist on folk arts at the District Culture House in the Akyar village.Achievements:Khaibullinsky district team as a grand prix winner at the Interstate Contest Munajat
The Sesen's school of Salavatsky district was established in 2014 and it is based on the Salavat Yulaiev Museum. The head of the school is Flaris Gaisin (Maloyaz village).The sesens: Altaf Gaifullin (Yangantau vlg.) Farida Yumadilova (Termenevo vlg.) Maskuda Saifutdinova (Yakhino vlg.) Gulnur
The Republican Center of Folk Arts is inviting you to participate in our flashmob “International Friendship”, devoted to the Unity Day in Russia and the National census.Tell us about your ethnicity, share the traditions and customs of your family, relatives and friends.We are looking for
The results of the II Republican Children and Youth Theatres have been reviewed. The event was held in the context of realization of the “Culture” Regional National Project and was oriented to better the implementation of theatrical projects by children and youth in the Republic of